Ronzoni Pastina Is Being Discontinued, and People Are In Shambles

The outrage over the decision is as big as the star-shaped pasta variety is small.

January 05, 2023

Photo by: Ronzoni


Pour one out for Ronzoni Pastina. The smallest shape made by popular pasta brand Ronzoni, Pastina — which means “tiny dough” in Italian and is, upon close inspection, shaped like a little five-pointed star — is floating off into that great bubbling pasta pot in the sky. The brand has announced that Pastina (Pasta No. 155) is being discontinued. And fans of the pasta shape are super upset.

On Instagram, Ronzoni, which was acquired in 2021 by 8th Avenue Food & Provisions, expressed regret over the apparently beloved shape’s discontinuation, saying it followed “extensive efforts” to avoid it.

“This wasn’t a decision that we wanted to make,” the brand shared Wednesday. “Unfortunately, our long-term supplier informed us that they would no longer be making Ronzoni Pastina as of January 2023. We searched extensively for an alternative solution but were unable to identify a viable option to make Pastina in the same beloved small shape, size and standards you have come to expect from Ronzoni. As a result, we had to make the difficult decision to discontinue this product.”

Devotees of Pastina, a pasta Ronzoni says is suitable for serving in “light soups” and as one of a toddler’s “first foods,” responded with a variety of emotions: Delight did not appear to be among them.

There was disbelief: “You’re telling me you aren’t rich enough to hire some people to figure out how to make more tiny little delicious stars of sunshine???” wrote one Instagrammer.

Denial: “there’s still time to delete this and change ur minds ronzoni.”

Nostalgia: “I’m putting my last box in a glass case and framing it in my living room.”

Hope: "Who’s the long term supplier? I just wanna talk”

Veiled threats: “This is illegal.”

Simple demands: “Try harder..”

And passive-aggressive attempts at guilt: “This is not how we wanted to start 2023 Ronzoni!”

As well as lots and lots of sadness and anger.

Several people started online petitions pleading for Ronzoni Pastina to be spared.

But amidst the outpouring of grief, Ronzoni offered little reason for optimism.

“Your passion for Ronzoni fuels our passion to deliver for you,” the brand said on Instagram. “We haven’t given up, but as of today, we can no longer offer Ronzoni Pastina to our customers. Thank you for your understanding and trust in Ronzoni pasta.”

Take heart, Pastina fans. Ronzoni is not the only brand that makes the shape. And in time, you’re bound to get past(a) this.

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