The Most Expensive Supermarket Stakeout Purchases Ever

These Supermarket Stakeout contestants took grocery shopping to a whole new level.

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Expensive Bread

During the first round of this Season 3 episode, Alex tasked the contestants to create a sky-high sandwich. Gabrielle Reyes' first cart didn't have any bread, so she quickly bought another. She spent $260 on these carts only to find that she still didn't have any bread!

Risky Business

Season 3 contestant Brianna Sebasto had plenty of her $500 allowance left over after the first round. However, she took a huge risk in the second round when she spent $250 on a cart, leaving her with only $70.

Slim Pickings

In the first round, Season 3 contender Kris Wallenta spent $200 on a cart with very little to work with. After buying a second cart for $100, he realized that he still didn't have enough ingredients. He spent $140 on a third cart, leaving him with only $60.

Quick and Easy

Season 3 contestant Michael Gerbino didn't waste any time in the first round. He took a gamble and spent half of his $500 allowance on a shopper's cart.

An Offer You Can't Refuse

In this Season 3 episode, contestant Lex Grant really wanted one cart in particular. To prove it, she offered the shopper a whopping $320, leaving her with only $180 for the next two rounds.

Big Spender

Contestant Mel Martin spent $230 buying two different shoppers' carts in the first round of this Season 3 episode. In the second round she spent almost the same amount on just one cart, leaving her with only $70 remaining.

Winner Winner

Season 3 contestants Jamie Gilmore and Phillipe Sobon were eyeing the same shopper's cart in the first round, but Jamie won the shopper over with her $200 offer.

Hefty Price Tag

After losing a cart to Jamie, contestant Phillipe Sobon stepped up his offer game. By the second round he had spent $440, leaving him with only $60.

High Risk, High Reward

Season 3 contestant Daniel Roy took a big risk when he spent $300 on his first purchase of the first round. Unfortunately, he wasn't satisfied with his groceries and ended up spending another $150 on another cart!

Last-Minute Purchase

In the second round of this Season 3 episode, Jenn Fillenworth was hesitant to buy this shopper's cart since she had already used $360 of her allowance in first round. She eventually decided it was worth the risk and offered the shopper $90 for her groceries.