Starbucks Is Introducing a New Winter Beverage – And It’s Cold

Pistachio Cream Cold Brew features 'silky pistachio cream cold foam and salted brown buttery sprinkles.'

January 03, 2023

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Photo by: Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Good things come to those who wait. Those who were disappointed that Starbucks didn’t launch a new holiday beverage this year will be pleased to learn that a good thing is coming their way. As part of its new winter menu, which arrives on Tuesday, January 3, Starbucks is introducing a brand-new beverage — and it sounds delicious.

The new, handcrafted Pistachio Cream Cold Brew begins with Starbucks Cold Brew, sweetens it with vanilla syrup, and tops it with “silky pistachio cream cold foam and salted brown buttery sprinkles,” the brand says in a press release sent to Food Network.

A cold brew in winter? Well, yes. The drink was created with the awareness that cold coffee is super-hot with Starbucks customers, regardless of the weather outside. Two-thirds of Starbucks beverages served in the U.S. today are cold beverages, and cold brew’s popularity has swelled at the chain in the past two years, Starbucks Executive Vice President of Global Coffee, Tea & Cocoa Michelle Burns says in a recent investor call.

The new drink also nods to the popularity of Starbucks’ Pistachio Latte, a fan favorite that is returning to the chain’s 2023 winter menu for a third year. Originally launched as a winter beverage in 2021, the Pistachio Latte is available hot, iced or blended as a Frappuccino and promises to bring “cozy flavors of sweet pistachio and rich brown butter paired with espresso and steamed milk,” according to the brand.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

“Pistachio is the perfect flavor to follow the holidays and carry us through the winter season,” says the Starbucks beverage team’s Rosalyn Batingan in a news release. “It’s smooth and sweet and … delivers a feeling of warmth and coziness, even when served cold.”

While the Pistachio Cream Cold Brew offers the “ultra-smooth combination of pistachio cream cold foam” atop Starbucks’ cold brew coffee, the Pistachio Latte combines the chain’s “signature espresso, steamed milk and flavors of sweet pistachio with top notes of brown butter,” Batingan notes.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Also returning to Starbucks winter menu this year will be the chain’s Red Velvet Loaf, a vanilla-cake and red-velvet-cake swirl with white “chocolatey” icing, as well as three special whole bean coffees: Starbucks Tribute Blend, available at all Starbucks stores and two Starbucks Reserve coffees and the new Starbucks Reserve Guatemala Lake Atitlan and Starbucks Reserve Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelelektu, both available at select Starbucks stores and Starbucks Reserve locations.

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