Meet the Contestants of Outrageous Pumpkins, Season 3

Learn all about the top seven pumpkin artists in America who will go head-to-head in an outrageous carving competition.

Brian "Tator" Edwards — Grove City, OH

Tator’s love for pumpkin carving was born nine years ago when he learned the craft in a college art club. He enjoys every part of the carving process, including munching on leftover pumpkin seeds.

Carli Ihde — Appleton, WI

As a tattoo artist and animator, Carli knows what it takes to transform illustrations into reality. She carved her first pumpkin 10 years ago.

Lincoln Bias — Rockford, IL

Lincoln is a master in Kae-Sa-Luk: an ancient Thai practice where fruits and vegetables are converted into elaborate works of art. He has been in the pumpkin carving business for the past five years.

Eric Jones — West Clarksville, NY

It’s safe to say that Eric’s passion for the art of the carve runs deep. When he’s not working on pumpkins, he enjoys sculpting sand and snow into jaw-dropping designs.

Leigh Henderson — Palo Alto, CA

Leigh works as a professional set designer, where she specializes in constructing objects to look like they’re defying gravity. She started carving pumpkins over 20 years ago and loves telling stories through her work.

Alan Silva — Joshua Tree, CA

Alan is a freelance artist who has been carving pumpkins for nine years. He is an expert in using power tools to carve and gravitates towards making 3D designs rather than traditional jack-o'-lanterns.

Adam Bierton — Brooklyn, NY

While Adam has been carving pumpkins for as long as he can remember, he began applying sculptural knowledge to his techniques after attending art school. He prides himself on his attention to detail and polished work.

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