Meet the Chefs and Titans Competing on Bobby's Triple Threat

Welcome to the most-exclusive culinary club in the country. This is where it all goes down.

Photo By: Dawn Hoffmann

Photo By: Dawn Hoffmann

Photo By: Dawn Hoffmann

Photo By: Dawn Hoffmann

Photo By: Dawn Hoffmann

Photo By: Dawn Hoffmann

Photo By: Dawn Hoffmann

Photo By: Dawn Hoffmann

Bobby's Triple Threat

In an underground kitchen in New York City, Bobby hosts secret triple-threat throwdowns between his culinary titans and some of the most-acclaimed chefs in the industry. Meet them all here.

A Trio of Titans

Titans Brooke Williamson, Tiffany Derry and Michael Voltaggio were hand-picked by Bobby himself.

Titan Brooke Williamson — Los Angeles, CA

Brooke is a seasonal chef born and raised in California. Her food is always fresh and evolving, and her signature California-inspired cuisine has earned her worldwide acclaim. At the age of only 22, she was the youngest female chef ever to cook at the James Beard House, and her one-two punch flavor and finesse has her feared at every culinary arena she enters.

Titan Michael Voltaggio — Los Angeles, CA

Michael is a chef from Los Angeles and is known to be a mad scientist in the kitchen. He has cooked for well-known chefs such as José Andrés and Charlie Palmer, and he has also earned a Michelin star and won Top Chef. In his cuisine, he uses a mix of classic and creative techniques, and he always has a unique formula in his head for creating any dish.

Titan Tiffany Derry — Dallas, TX

Tiffany is a chef from Dallas and is the owner of Roots Southern Table and Roots Chicken Shack. She is a two-time James Beard Award finalist and a former Top Chef contestant. The secret to Tiffany is that she has traveled everywhere in the world, and you can see and taste that global inspiration in her cuisine.

Chef Adriana Urbina — New York, NY

Adriana is a Venezuelan chef and owner of pop-up restaurant Tepuy in New York City. She is an award-winning Latin American chef and a three-time winner of Chopped. For over 12 years, she’s been running and consulting for restaurants all over the world. Because of her global experiences, her cuisine combines flavors and influences from both her Latin American roots and all over the world.

Chef Brittany Anderson — Richmond, VA

Brittany is a chef and co-owner of Metzger Bar and Butchery in Richmond, Virginia. She was a semi-finalist and two-time nominee for the James Beard Award for Best Chef Mid-Atlantic. She specializes in sustainability and local sourcing of true farm-to-table cuisine, and she aims to combine classic cuisine with both a modern presentation and locally sourced ingredients.

Claudette Zepeda — San Diego, CA

Claudette was born on the border of Mexico and California and is now a San Diego-based chef consultant for Vaga, named on the of the best new restaurants in the country by Esquire Magazine. She was a James Beard Award nominee and was named Eater San Diego’s Chef of the Year. Her cooking is comforting but incredibly sophisticated, as she brings modern refinement to classical Mexican cuisine. In every bite of her food, you can taste the history of her Mexican culture.

Chef Jonathon Sawyer — Cleveland, Ohio

Jonathon Sawyer is a chef from Cleveland, Ohio. He has won a James Beard Award for Best Chef: Great Lakes and has worked with chefs like Michael Symon and Charlie Palmer. He knows his way around the culinary world, and his culinary style is not only globally inspired but is also rooted in modern American cuisine.

Chef Kevin Tien — Washington, DC

Kevin is one of the most exciting new chefs in the country. He worked for chefs like José Andrés and was nominated for three James Beard awards. In his cuisine, he combines his Vietnamese roots with flavors from Korea, Japan, and because he grew up in Louisiana, he also incorporates some Southern influences. He is now executive chef of Moon Rabbit in Washington, DC and was named one of Food and Wine’s Best New Chefs, as well as one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Chefs.

Chef Viet Pham — Salt Lake City, UT

Viet was born in Malaysia and is now a chef and co-owner of Forage restaurant in Salt Lake City. He was a James Beard Award semi-finalist, an Iron Chef America winner, and he received Food and Wine’s Best New Chef Award. In his cooking, he is known for creating globally inspired dishes that are both complex and creative.

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