Bobby Flay's Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Behind-the-scenes photos from Bobby Flay Fit, including Bobby's tips for exercising and eating right.

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Fuel Yourself Preworkout

Eat a little something before activity to help fuel your workout. Bobby portions out healthy snacks so they're ready to grab and go and easy to eat on the way to the gym.

Develop a Routine

Bobby's advice: Have a regular workout schedule and stick with it.

Motivate Yourself

It feels good to push yourself. That good feeling will motivate you to continue — it works for Bobby!

Grab a Friend

Work out with a friend for motivation and to help you keep your workout schedule. Bobby turns exercise into a social activity, often working out with a friend and then cooking and eating a healthy meal together.

Eat Healthy After Your Workout

Have a few go-to healthy recipes, like smoothies, that you can whip up so you don't blow your workout.

Seek Expert Advice

Get advice from a professional before starting any new workout.

Try New Exercises

Keep yourself interested and engaged by trying new things. Bobby's a runner and Michael Symon prefers lifting weights, but the two work out together when they're looking to change things up.

Cook With Flavor

Vinegars, fruit juices, fresh herbs and spices are all great ways to add tons of flavor without adding fat.

Cook With Healthy Ingredients

Use plenty of lean meats and healthy ingredients like quinoa and whole grains.

Resist That Second Helping

Bobby loves to eat, but knows that moderation is key to a healthy lifestyle. His advice: Eat food that tastes good but make sure to portion-control; if it feels like you're eating too much, you probably are.

Focus on Low-Impact Exercise

Protect your joints by working low-impact exercises, like cycling, into your routine.

Reward Yourself

Sticking with your fitness routine is hard work. It's OK to reward yourself with your favorite indulgences once in a while.

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